Guiding enterprise-scale customers to success using Drupal at Acquia

Guiding enterprise-scale customers to success using Drupal at Acquia

Project roles
Technical strategist
Career period
Acquia (2018–2021)

I served as a Technical Account Manager at Acquia, acting as a trusted strategic and technical advisor for a roster of customers representing over $2 million in annual revenue. My role encompassed a multifaceted approach to client support, with a primary focus on the Drupal and Acquia Cloud platforms throughout various stages of the customer development life cycle. By offering steadfast guidance and unwavering support, I ensured that clients harnessed the full potential of these cutting-edge solutions.

A critical facet of my responsibilities involved fostering a close-knit relationship with customers, collaborating on the creation of success plans, and meticulously monitoring their progress. This approach allowed for the transparent tracking of objectives and achievements, enhancing the overall client experience. I also played a pivotal role as a liaison between customers and our internal product, engineering, and support teams at Acquia, facilitating seamless communication and issue resolution. In times of account escalations, I collaborated closely with account executives and management teams to ensure timely and effective solutions.

Moreover, I actively engaged with customers to extract maximum value from Acquia’s diverse range of products and services. My commitment extended to leading remote sessions and conducting on-site visits to review health metrics and key performance indicators. This comprehensive approach to customer management not only bolstered client satisfaction but also solidified Acquia’s position as a trusted partner in their digital transformation journey.

I was directly employed as a Technical Account Manager by Acquia.